Willpower to Achieve Health and Fitness

Fitness is not about being better than someone else...it's about being better than you used to be.People must learn to create their own good health through the dedication of diet, exercise, healthy home life, good influences from friends, and good luck through Karma. Health was always one of the main passions in my life since I started consistently weight training at age 17.  Resistance training is the habit most people lack from a young age.  This really helps to set the metabolism on the right course and turn the body into a fat burning machine, plus it makes you feel great.  Giving the body that shape at a young age goes a long way later on.  This type of training with a diet rich in protein and very little saturated fat and sugar carbs really helped me mentally and physically.  Also not being a consistent alcohol drinker is key for me to feel my best every day.  A stable home life and friends who show stability I believe is an important factor for overall health and feeling well spiritually.   Finding the drive to dig down deep and say I can eat right and exercise 4 to 5 times a week on a consistent basis was what motivated me so much and shaped my outlook on life at a young age.

The wake -up call involving our health is seen all around us, and America is the sickest country in the world.  We have such a higher standard of living versus other countries, however, that doesn’t translate to being healthier.  Yeah we live a little more comfortably than most countries, but what good is that when you feel like garbage physically and psychologically?  Foods have so many sugars, preservatives, hormones, and other garbage.  That just hinders our health for the long term.  We eat way too much refined sugar as a country, and the rise in diabetes is unprecedented which shows a disturbing trend to say the least.   Yes we have biotechnology that is prolonging the lives of older Americans with serious ailments, but we are not getting any healthier as far as obesity, diabetes, etc…

Staying motivated to be healthy and well is what we must desire as a whole.  I always thought it was interesting that wealth rhymes with health.  What good is it when you’re wealthy monetarily or have a great family life, but can’t enjoy these fruits of life when you’re limited by horrible health issues?  I say if you don’t have optimism on your well-being physically, then you have a major problem.   If a person’s health is threatening their normal lifespan, then they truly have nothing.

When I started working out I was extremely lucky to have a great guy by the name of Ricky willing to train me for free because he saw that I had the willingness to work out and change my body for the better.   This person was the motivating force behind my desire to keep up with exercising every day.  He was my Dad’s coworker and a former NFL player who was in his late 30’s at the time.  Going to the gym after he got off of work was what he looked forward to everyday.  Dedication at the gym to stay strong and ripped was his way of life.  Most of all this kept his body and mind healthy.   The guy had an incredible steroid free physique that showed he had worked extremely hard for his body.

We worked out every weekday at about 5 pm and it was really painful and hard at the start.  I had lifted weights during PE class in high school, but never lifted weights as intense as this.  I remember the comments I would get from my classmates at school about how muscular and fit that my body was becoming.  I would get comments from them constantly about how my body was changing every couple of weeks.  This made my confidence go through the roof and motivated that fire inside of me to be stronger and healthier all the more.  When other people notice and respect that you are working hard, it really does wonders for a person’s psyche.

Ricky helped to change my outlook on life and I was so fortunate to meet him.  He always encouraged me to eat healthy and feel healthy.  I started feeling a lot more energy daily and got sick a lot less.  What a selfless guy to train some 17 year old that he barely knew, even though he was my Dad’s coworker and friend, this is rare in life that you find this.  He was great person who was truly inspirational to me.  I guess it was my good luck through good Karma that added up in the end and gave me this great opportunity to be trained by someone who had excellent knowledge of fitness and health.   I always felt I had karma on my side after I would give to others or help them out.

I felt more and more motivated that I was exercising every day because I wanted to. I mean most teenagers at my high school would lift weights because they were required to because of a sports team they were on, not because they wanted to in their precious free time.  This got me stoked knowing that I was doing it because I wanted to, and boy did it benefit me personally in that era and later on in life.  This lifestyle always raised my spirits along with hanging around the right friends who encouraged me made it all the better.

You will succeed with excellent health if you dig down deep with willpower and challenge yourself, don’t listen to the doubters because they never gave it their all.  If negative thoughts enter your mind from negative people, this will make you more pessimistic and affect your overall desire for success.  Allow your motivation to run wild and dispel negative thoughts immediately.  You will succeed if you wholeheartedly want to.   Keep your hunger for success in force and never doubt your own willpower.  Let the will have its way!!

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