Whenever Life Stresses You Out Remember: It Doesn’t Really Matter!

"After a storm comes a calm." -Matthew Henry
“After a storm comes a calm.” -Matthew Henry

Sometimes life has a way of being harsh and unforgiving.  Whether it’s starting a new business, relationships going sour or just nothing seems to be going right.  There are many problems in the world today but one thing is for sure, focusing on the negative is not going to help.  Stress does nothing for us except make us focus on everything that is wrong with, and all of the worst things in our life, which means there is no room for the positives.  If you focus on the problem you won’t have the energy left to focus on the solution.

There are many rough times when you are starting something new, there are risks, and you may lose.  This however, is not what you want to be focusing on. This is what I have used to get past little things in my life, when it’s not going exactly how I want it.  You need to sit back and look at the situation ask yourself if it really matters.  In most cases the answer will be no and then just tell yourself “It doesn’t really matter” and move past the situation, try to find the solution and not focus on the problem.

Wouldn’t you rather live your life in a positive respect rather than seeing all the negatives in the world and never really getting things done.  Create things in your life, get involved and don’t let anyone or anything bring your life down!

Live your life for you, do what you want with it because you only have one, and it is yours to do with as you please!

Next time your boss is hassling you about small little things, just remember it won’t matter in the end, you are built for better things and don’t waste your time stressing over it.  But get out of that job!  Don’t live someone else’s dream, go out and live for yourself, find a passion and follow it while investing in yourself and learning all you can in life!

Next time you feel like asking for a girl’s number but are scared that she might say no.

It doesn’t really matter!

Go for it and that is the worst case scenario, she says no and you will get past it.

Next time you want to ask for a raise at work, but are scared of your boss saying no.

Next time you want to start a new hobby, but are afraid you won’t be good at it.


Just remember:

It doesn’t really matter!

Give room to the positives of life and stop worrying about things that have little impact!

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