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Welcome to my list of best selling Clickbank products for the new year! If you don’t know by now Clickbank is one of the best ways for anyone to make money online, you just sign up for their affiliate program and begin selling digital offers online. You also receive a generous commission from each since these products don’t have any overhead costs to produce (mostly informational products) they hand down most of the profit they make to you, the affiliate.  Some of the best selling Clickbank products are offering around 60%-75% commissions on the sale of each, some with reoccurring billing cycles.

Basically you can promote these Clickbank products however you want, through paid advertising, e-mail marketing, on your own website or even through Craigslist.  They approve or most anyone whether you have a website running or not so I would advise you to sign up today, it is free after all.

Clickbank products range from health and fitness to e-business and e-marketing.   What you want to advertise really depends on what niche your are in and what you know a lot about.  This list is throughout all the categories of Clickbank and is just the best selling products all around. These are the products that marketers have had the most success with in the past.  It is up to you to judge which category is right for you. As far as Clickbank products go this is my list of the top 5!


Best Clickbank Products 2017

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CB Passive Income: Clickbank Passive Income For 2017!

No suprise one of the best selling clickbank products for 2017 is its own product! This affiliate offer teaches you how to sell all Clickbank products, or rather sells them for you. Basically you are given a link that you promote and Clickbank passive income will take care of the rest for you via email marketing. This guy has over a decade experience in internet marketing so he knows his stuff. Once you get a subscribers email, through giving them a free offer product, he will send them offers for as long as they stay subscribed to the program.

Great for people looking to get started that don’t want to bother with fully building a site. You will only need to get people to give email addresses for a free product then this program will sell those emails more products. You will get a commission on the products sold from the emails you have collected. This product is the best as it will also make you money. If your going to purchase anything from Clickbank this is the best choice if you are interested in internet marketing. I assume you are since you are on this site looking at Clickbank products to sell. 😉

This product is regularly updated and now on version 3.0 so you wont have to worry about it falling behind the times as well. Stays current and is a great quality system. The guy knows what he’s doing.

$32.93 | 50.0% | $124.28 | 50.0% | 120.75


The Venus Factor: New Highest Converting Offer On Entire CB Network!

The Venus Factor is a Clickbank product that targets only women wanting to lose weight.  It is trusted by many doctors as being a healthy and safe way for women to lose weight.  It boasts 12 dress sizes in 5 months, and has proven scientific methods of burning fat through hormones.  If you are a woman and know a lot about the weight loss niche this is definetly the product for you to start selling! I also really like the intro video on this site it is very professional and does a great job at selling this product.

$45.95 | 83.0% | $48.55 | 78.0% | 329.02


Click 4 Surveys – Brand New & Very Hot! Up To $186 Per Sale!

Many Clickbank products are those that are promising to make money from paid surveys. This is third on my list and highly recommended for high converting commissions.  Although I don’t promote it because paid surveys online tend to be one the the biggest scams online in my opinion.  Still if you want to sell this product go for it.  It talks of easy commissions and the price is low enough for most to be able to afford it.

$21.44 | 68.0% | $5.93 | 50.0% | 244.34


Old School New Body – Highest Converting Written Page On CB Market

Old School New Body is a weight loss program that promises you can look 10 years younger in 5 steps!  This is one of the best selling Clickbank products on the market with the highest converting written page it has no videos, but it doesn’t need them!  This is for any weight loss fanatic and anyone who wants to reverse the ageing process.  This program works without the need for low fat diets and the need to constantly work out.  Sell this to men or women looking to look and feel young again!

$19.47 | 75.0% | $15.39 | 75.0% | 225.73


The Millionaire’s Brain – Over $500k Sales In Two Weeks.

The Millionaire’s Brain is one of the most interesting Clickbank products in my opinion.  It promises to give you the brain of a millionaire!  It has sold amazingly well and is a great product in the self-help and development field.  This may be the last product on making money you will ever need to purchase.  It comes with a great motivating video that will sell the product for you.  Made by the CEO of many well know companies, it teaches the law of attraction and everything about the way you need to think to be a millionaire today! This is one of those Clickbank products that will change your life forever, even if you are already making a lot of money this will help you make more.  This is a great, easy selling product for anyone in the business and self-development niche.

$35.81 | 60.0% | $0.00 | 0.0% | 137.54


That’s it for the top 5 best selling Clickbank products 2017 hope this helps you decide what you are going to sell on Clickbank in the future.  These are the best selling on Clickbank products right now. While that may also mean that there is a lot of competition it also means they are proven to be great products that are currently helping the most people!  Good luck selling and profiting from these great products!

This is a real way to earn money online, and many others are making a living doing just this!  If you still haven’t sign up for Clickbank now and start making money by advertising the products on this website.  It is a great place for anyone to start making money it just takes time and dedication. Click here for a link to get signed up today.  If you have any questions or just want to share your opinion feel free to contact us. We are on social media and make sure to check out some of my other articles!

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