The Millionaire Mindset You Can Achieve

millionaire_mindset_suitAchieve The Millionaire Mindset

The millionaire mindset is one thing all self made millionaires have learned and have in common! It is something every single wealthy person knows and the best thing is it can be replicated. Bill Gates, Richard Branson and anyone who has achieved great success with a millionaire mindset will be able to reproduce those results again and again!  This is something you must realize and accept. It does not just come from luck or good fortune.

Self made millionaires all have this mindset in common. I recommend looking up Elon Musk if you haven’t heard of him, he is CEO of Tesla, co-founder of Paypal and chairman of Solarcity.  He is one great example of this rule, Elon went into debt after he left Paypal and was able to build his wealth back after that with Tesla Motors.

There is a step-by-step process that those with the millionaire mindset know and it is a repeatable process.  They also practice abundance in everything they do in life. Believing that there is more than enough in the world for everyone. They know that if they had lost everything that they would have the skills to overcome their loss and thrive again!

The Millionaire Mindset And AbundanceSelf made millionaires and the millionaire mindset city

Self made millionaires all have abundance in everything they do, not just making money. They know that there is enough in the world for everyone and know that anyone can have everything they want. There are plenty of money making ideas still left out there just waiting for someone with the millionaire mindset to put them into action!

Those with the millionaire mindset know that scarcity is a disease of the mind.  When you go into a scarcity mindset you fail to see all the possibilities life can bring you.  You start thinking that there is not enough in the world and that you can’t achieve your goals. Most often when people fall into this mindset they fail to take any action at all thinking there is nothing left in the world for them.

You must rise above scarcity into a millionaire mindset of abundance. This allows you to see solutions to problems and always be looking ahead into the future. I don’t know who said it but there is a saying “You can’t solve the problem at the paradigm at which it was created.” To see the answers to problems you must rise above them to a higher level thought process.  This means already know there is an answer and that you can find it because there is abundance in your world.

I too was once stuck in a scarcity mindset and thought that there was no way out.  This was a conscious choice I was making to see myself as a victim of circumstance and not one of abundance and the millionaire mindset. One product more than anything else that really helped me get past this to start seeing opportunities and taking action on them was The Millionaire’s BrainI highly recommend watching this video and listening to the story. It was created by a man that was down on life but did not give up. He chose to find a way out and developed a repeatable step by step process on creating wealth and developing the millionaire mindset. It is a limited time offer for this program so I would recommend jumping on this opportunity while you can. It is a series of belief changing videos that changes your mindset to that of self made millionaires. In only 2 minutes a day you can forever change the way you view the world and start to develop a millionaire mindset.  You will start to see changes within the first week you use it this was the process followed by all self made millionaires.

Self Made Millionaires And Taking Risks

All self made millionaires have this trait in common, they take risks whenever possible.  They know that even if something goes wrong they will still learn from it just by taking action. You don’t become a millionaire over night it takes failure after failure and learning from them. Ultimately by just attempting anything in the right direction and learning from it will just help develop you as a person. When we fail to take action and learn from it we become soft and weak. It is by failing and getting back up that we make ourselves stronger.

If your goal was to become a body builder and you never even work out how do you expect to accomplish that dream. But when you take action and strive for it every single day you are going to learn what works and what doesn’t. This is the same process with achieving the millionaire mindset.

When animals are kept in captivity they become weak, being fed by outside sources. Eventually these animals can no longer survive in the wild, they can no fend for themselves. They do not have the knowledge or experience it takes to survive on their own. It takes the experience they develop only from being in the wild for them to be able to survive. When a wolf is hunting for its next meal and does not end up catching anything it knows for the next time what is not going to work. He continues to go after food time and time again because if he doesn’t he will die. Of coarse most of this is based on instinct (which he developed in the wild) but the wolf does not care if he failed or not he just keeps trying he has no choice.

Take more risks starting today! Learn from them and build yourself as a person!

Millionaire Mindset: Knowing Your Path And Owning It

Self made millionaires all know their path to success and stick with it. The self made millionaires of today all know who they are and what they want. “I know who I am and I know what I believe”, quoted from a video I saw with Will Smith. This is a very powerful statement on just life in general and shows you how the millionaire mindset really works. Self made millionaires know what path they want to take in life and they move towards it constantly.

The millionaire mindset involves choosing a path and just going after it. Simply setting deadlines and achieving them is a major part of this as well. Every goal you set and accomplish brings you more confidence on this path and is used as a reference experience towards the next goal. When you set out towards one thing and put all of your focus and energy in to achieving it and you know where you’re going in life that is what makes the millionaire mindset. Everyone’s purpose is different and you have to be able to find your’s and commit to it fully. When you do anything, just small little things every day you will be one step closer to achieving that goal. Use each of these steps to motivate you to keep moving towards the goal because you have already gone that far! This brings us to the next step of the millionaire mindset.

“If you don’t know where you are going, anything will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll

Self Made Millionaires Enjoy The JourneySelf made millionaires and the millionaire mindset journey

While you have to set a goal and move towards it you should also be enjoying the journey. Focus on what you’re gaining in every step of the process. Whether it is learning new skills, meeting new friends or developing a whole new lifestyle you should enjoy it. I believe the best part of this whole process is the journey, what you must overcome to get to your new life. The more you have overcome the more you truly feel deserving of what life gives you. It is so true in life that you simply get what you think you deserve. Like all self made millionaires you must feel deserving of the wealth brought into your life or it either will not come or it will not stay for long.

What happens to people after they win the lottery? While I’m sure some stay stable and can handle the newly acquired wealth, it is just the opposite for most. These people that win have no sense of entitlement to the money. They most often become involved with a unhealthy lifestyle and downward spiral. They have no idea what to do with the money because they didn’t earn it and certainly don’t know how to keep it. Most end up broke again, possibly addicted to drugs or some have committed suicide because they were not ready for the added pressure. I don’t know about you but I would rather not win the lottery and work for what is brought into my life. You develop the added skills and knowledge of what it takes to get there, and ultimately have the millionaire mindset. Self made millionaires know that if they were dropped off in a new city with no money they would have the traits to become wealthy again. It is an acquired step by step process. 

Enjoy every part of the journey and what it takes to get you there. You have to know that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs both self made millionaires, enjoyed working up to their wealth and stood up to the setbacks they faced along the way. They along with countless other self made millionaires, grew and developed though out the journey when they faced a challenge they accepted it. You have to view the stresses and battles that life brings to you as just another opportunity to make you a stronger person. Enjoy when life is down because without that you will never grow.

Another example is when someone is born into wealth and has to do nothing to maintain it. Some might have the ability to recreate what their parents did, but most would not. Some end up in a really bad spot in life and just don’t know how to deal with day to day struggles. Everything was brought to them and they end up being sad and depressed in most cases.

Child stars are yet another example to this. Most are severely damaged, maybe their parents forced them into the roll and with all the success they have had they don’t know how to deal with failure.  Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears come to mind, although I respect them both they just seem to have a hard time maintaining a stable lifestyle. They were put into high pressure rolls and probably just weren’t ready for all the fame and attention they earned.

Enjoy the process, power through the hardship and develop a millionaire mindset that is deserving of great wealth!  When you fail be grateful of the new opportunity to grow.

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The Millionaire Mindset Is Afraid Of Comfort

In order to achieve the millionaire mindset and ultimately grow as a person you must be afraid every time you are comfortable with life. Actively seek things that terrify you because doing those things is the best way of developing you abilities further. Without discomfort you will stay the same way you always have, put yourself out there and be OK with failing. Constantly be challenging yourself with everything you are doing with life.

If you have anything in your life that you hold on to just because you are comfortable with it, that’s what is holding you back. You must let go of everything that is not helping you. EVERYTHING. Including your ego in most cases this is the hardest. If your friends are not supportive, which they most likely wont be, it’s human nature to not want change so they wont want to see you change even if it’s for the better. You have to let them go. I myself have been through 2 relationships while working on my success online and as hard as it was to do I had to let them go. They simply were not supportive of me trying to change and would do subtle things to try and stop it. I realized this was the case and made the choice that I did not need them in my life anymore. I was comfortable but it was just not helping me and now I have grown stronger. “If you keep doing what you’ve done you will keep getting what you’ve always got.” Change is inevitable and you have to be strong enough to make the choices which will change your life!

There is plenty out there for all of us, you have to understand this and accept it. Review these concepts and practice them in your day to day life. You will be that much closer to being among the self made millionaires of the world.

I still highly recommend purchasing The Millionaire’s Brain (limited copies available) it will change your life forever the way it has mine. It is what finally changed my way of thinking to the millionaire mindset and helped me get started creating wealth. Take action now and get started on your way to a new life and join the many self made millionaires!