How To Make Money On Pinterest With Amazon In 2017

how_to_make_money_on_pinterestPinterest is a great platform for seeing all the clothes, landscapes and celebrities you love!  But have you ever thought about how to make money on Pinterest?  There are many ways of making money on Pinterest and it is a pretty easy task once you know how it is done.

This is the first method I used to start making money online. So I know it’s a great place for you to start as well! This method is free, you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want. Although in some cases it does help. This Pinterest method relies on free hosting and setting up a free blog. So that you can make money from this with little investment. Although these sites can be taken down easy if not done properly. So I do also recommend setting up your own domain and hosting if you plan to do this long term.

How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2017

If you want to learn how to make money on Pinterest the first thing you will have to do is set up your website. Pinterest no longer allows affiliate links directly from Amazon or any other website. They actually change any affiliate link posted directly to Pinterest into their own affiliate link, so they get money and not you. You can link to your own website and then to Amazon and it will be safe, your links will not get taken down. There was a time where you could link directly from Amazon but Pinterest quickly caught on and will now change the affiliate link and possibly ban you.

Find A Free Hosting Platform

Before you can learn how to make money on Pinterest you will need a hosting platform! For this you can use either WordPress or Blogger, I would recommend WordPress.

WordPress is more customizable and allows you to set up more of a “shop” looking website. And have little squares displaying each product. This also gets you used to the WordPress platform. Which also works great when you need to get a real domain name and hosting. I find WordPress is also less likely to take your site down. But as long as you are giving good product reviews they wont bug you much.

I would suggest you right at least a 300 word minimum product description of the product you are selling and add value to the people that come to your site.

Blogger is easy to set up with adsense but that is not something we need with this method. It is also more for long worded posts and just has more of a content structure rather than a “store” structure to it.

For this guide on how to make money on Pinterest I will be using WordPress but the choice is up to you.

Whichever one you decide on make sure to wait a day or two before blasting it full of affiliate links.

Put one or two up and leave it if you must and the longer the review the better. I have learned this the hard way both WordPress and Blogger have taken my website down for putting up to many affiliate links and not enough content. If you wait a few days after making the page this is much less likely to happen.

However you can avoid this all together by just paying for a domain name and hosting and you will be safe.

If you go the free route your website will have a .wordpress or .blogspot after your chosen domain name.  It is pretty ugly but you get what you pay for.

Sign up for WordPress

Sign up for Blogger

Choose a domain name that relates to the product you will be selling in this case I will be selling clothes.  Women’s clothing to be specific because as you should know about 90% of the traffic you will get from Pinterest will be women. Try to think about this when you are choosing your product.

Sign-up For Amazon Affiliates

The next thing you need to do to learn how to make money on Pinterest is to get started with an Amazon affiliate account. This is not too hard to do and should only take a few minutes. I am not sure how long it takes to get approved because I signed up so long ago but I know they do approve easily.

It helps to already have a few pages of content on your website to show them that you are able to write original content that will help them sell products!

Sign-up here!

How To Post Products To Your Webpage

Once you have created a webpage for your products which you will sell from Amazon. Then, you will need to post them with reviews and pictures on your page! The first step in doing this is to find a product with good reviews on Amazon already. You don’t want to be selling your visitors junk. You can go to your Amazon associates pages and search for anything and also rank the search results however you like. I usually look for the best sales rank people are more likely to click on these items. Also remember anyone that clicks on these links gets a cookie with your affiliate code.  Anything they buy from Amazon in the next 2 days earns you commission. Your job is to get them to click on the link!

Click on get link this will bring up a page that allows you to choose from a picture and text link, a picture link or a text link. Choose whichever you would like and copy the text.

I will use text only for this I recommend saving the images from the Amazon webpage and then posting them on WordPress from your computer. If you don’t do this than the picture links from Amazon tend to get outdated and will no longer show up on your website.

make money on Pinterest with amazon 2017 product image and social

This is how I set up my product image with social shares, this is on the main page for that product.

This is what you should have on your product description page:

  • Clear full name of the product you are selling
  • A picture of your product
  • Nice description of the product I just used bullet points
  • A link to your affiliate page at the bottom of the posting

It is up to you to add more to this. I have added a button to click instead of just the text link on many of my products.

make money on pinterest 2017 product description and affiliate link

An example product description of the earrings this is only half as you should write long descriptions. Add some value to your amazon affiliate website.


This is what my final product page looks like when its all done.  When someone clicks the “Buy Now” button it takes them to the Amazon product page.

Start Pinning To Pinterest!

Now that your product page is complete it’s time to start pinning your products onto Pinterest. I would suggest not pinning them all at once it looks like spam. Also re pin other people’s pins as well as your own. If you post too much of your own products people will think of it as just spam!

For tips on how to get a bigger Pinterest following check out 9 steps to building your Pinterest following fast!

The more followers you have and the more involved you are on Pinterest, the better this will work.

I suggest joining some groups in your niche and post to them if you are just starting out.  Some of these groups will already have thousands of followers and will help get you more traffic. Hopefully now you know how to make money on Pinterest and will get started right away!

This is my guide for how to make money on Pinterest. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below!