Laying One Brick At A Time – Achieving Greatness Slowly

Start out slow but don’t lose the momentum, create a snowball effect in which everyday drives you to do more than the last.  Lay one brick at a time.

I first heard this from Will Smith in an interview,

“You don’t try to build a wall, you say “I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can lay” and you do that every single day, and soon you have a wall”

In other terms no one is going to accomplish their dreams in an instant, it takes steady hard work and improvement, every day!  If you can make a small improvement towards your goal every day and do that for however long it takes, you will get there!  Each day you are working towards your dreams, builds on the next, giving you more motivation and confidence in your abilities.  It is the small things that lay the foundation for a great wall, and if you

don’t lay that first brick, and continue to lay bricks, than you sure as hell won’t have a wall anytime soon.

Often we set out with a big huge goal, and try to get it done in a hurry having every good intention in the world of seeing it through to the end.  But many times people have a tenancy to get burned out and lose their passion in a hurry.  This is the horrible part about it, when we don’t start seeing results immediately then we give up, assuming that we can never accomplish this feat.

In order to prevent this we must realize, that it won’t be done overnight.  It will take some hard work and time, if it didn’t everyone would have done it!  Start out slow but don’t lose the momentum, create a snowball effect in which everyday drives you to do more than the last.  Even the smallest thing that you do will make the biggest difference if you do the absolute best you can, building a great foundation.

Now, this laying one brick at a time method helps us also, from just looking at the task ahead and not starting it at all.  Thinking in little steps helps the brain gain motivation, knowing that a small goal achieved today is not going to be such a hard task.  Looking at the whole thing all at once though, thinking “It will take forever”, “It’s too much work”, and “I don’t have time for that” will ultimately drain you and you will be left with nothing accomplished.

Instead focus on anything that can get you closer to that goal, and accomplish that task with pride.  Trick your mind from thinking that it is going to be too much work to do this, too I have already put too much work into this to quit now.  You can do this one day at a time and form a habit, which they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  I would say it might be more than this, but keep pushing forward to a better future.  Do whatever it is you want to, but add your own personality, and move towards a better world and a better self.  Each day with more motivation than the last focusing just on laying the best brick you can.  Pretty soon you will have a wall built before you know it!


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