9 Tips for Building Your Pinterest Following Fast!

grow-your-pinterest-following-fastPinterest is quickly one of the most powerful social media websites today.  It is important that you know how to leverage this and use it to your advantage.  Many businesses are using Pinterest to increase their revenue, as it is a great place to share anything you create with people from around the world who want to learn, buy or just view what you have to share.  Also it helps that whatever you post on Pinterest seems to show up on the front pages of google a lot faster than most websites, advertising your business for free!  Of course it won’t be much use to you if you don’t have an audience to speak to!  So these are some tips I’ve come up with and have used to grow my Pinterest following to where it is today.

1.  Engage/Pin/Re-pin

Pinterest is a social network! Be social! A good way to get involved is to support others and like, comment or re-pin what others have posted.  People will go to your profile and notice that you have common interest and probably start following you.  This means whenever you pin something from your website it shows up on their home feed and they are more likely to return the favor and re-pin or like your photos.  Staying engaged on Pinterest is the best thing you can do for more followers.

2.  Follow Others In Your Niche/Business

Follow the people who are also promoting the same product or service as you and follow them!  Odds are they will follow you back because you both share a common interest.  After following them re-pin their pins and they might just return the favor, sharing your pins with their already targeted following.

3.  Follow Others Who Like Other Photos Relating To Your Niche/Business

When you first start out in the world of Pinterest and don’t know where to go the best thing to do is search for other pins related to your business and find the people that pin these pictures.  Everyone who liked or re-pinned something related to your topic will likely be the ones who will do it again and again!  This is very important because this is your market they are targeted followers and will be glad to share your work with others!

4.  Have Clever Board Names

One of the best things you can do to help your chances of being searched for and found is writing clever board names.  When someone searches for let’s say “shoes”, there will be millions of search results found from other pinners who have been on Pinterest longer and already pinned thousands of things to their board.  So when you create a new board for shoes name it something like “Summer Shoes 2014”, that way when anyone searches for “summer shoes” or “shoes 2014” your board will be more likely shown in the search results.  This is just one example, but you should get the idea.

5.  Fill Out Your Boards Correctly

One thing that hurts your chances of being followed is not filling out all of the information on all of you boards!  If you have Pinterest boards for women’s shoes then make sure you put it in the category for women’s fashion.  Whenever you post on this it will also be shown in the women’s fashion category on Pinterest making it more viewed instantly!  Also make sure to fill out the description as much as you can making your board seem as inviting as possible.

6.  Comment On Popular Pins

This is a very easy way of getting your Pinterest seen by more people.  When you see a pin with 6,000 re-pins and 4,000 likes, make a comment on it, and something that’s heart felt and genuine not anything generic and boring.  Your comment will be seen by all of the people who love that pin!

7.  Get Invited To Popular Group Boards

Probably the fastest way to get a lot of followers fast is by joining group boards that are related to your business.  This can be very tricky at the same time many of the boards with 10,000+ followers are regulated very well and not everyone gets in.  This may come with time after you have already established a number of followers and can be trusted to make pins on this popular board.  Until you get into a big one it will be good enough to join smaller ones because they are already a targeted audience and people who are not following you already.

8.  Create Your Own Group Board

If you can’t join one, create one!  This is one of the best tips I can give because even after joining some of the major boards, you may get kicked out of them without warning.  The best way to avoid this is to make your own and make it popular by inviting others who pin regularly.  They will add things to your board for your, but make sure they are not spamming it or just pinning low quality/unrelated pins.  You can invite anyone that you are following to your board. This is also good because it will make this board appear on their Pinterest page letting people find you through their page!

Bonus:  Addmefast.com.  This is not the greatest or most reliable way to get followers at all but I figured I would include it.  It’s harder to get people to follow you when you don’t have followers to begin with, so this is a great website to just build your numbers a little bit in the beginning.  This is a site where you can follow people from any social network you have in order to build points, you then can use these points to get people to follow you on Pinterest.  I don’t recommend it in the long term because most of the profiles on here that will follow you are fake and no one really uses them except to get points, some are real, but very few.  So most of the things you pin will be wasted on these profiles but it is a great way to make your page look more popular so that other, real people will follow you.

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