5 Reasons Why You Can’t Count on a Day Job to Make You Successful

"The power of imagination makes us infinite." -Ella Baker
“The power of imagination
makes us infinite.” -Ella Baker

It seems these days the American dream is for everyone to graduate high school, go to a good college and then get a good job to pay off their college loans.  This is simply not how the world works anymore, to have a hope at retiring with a good amount of wealth you must start on your own path to success because your job is not going to do it for you. In today’s world you must have other means of acquiring wealth such as residuals and investments.  With inflation continuing to grow and wages staying the same, you just can’t rely on a job to get you into retiring wealthy.  These are just some of the problems with workplaces today that you might not have realized.

1. The Boss is NOT trying to make you more money.  The owner of any company is only looking out for themselves in the long run.  You can hold a job for years and make little raises (and have to beg for them) but this will never bring you riches or success.  Forever it seems that some people have held the belief that you get out of school and find a job and that brings you happiness. Some of the most successful people didn’t go to school or have a day job.  These people took their own route and spent time doing what they thought was important, following their dreams.  Your boss will not care about your dreams only that you are making him the most money possible.  This is why you need your own path, so that you can be the one who has the best financial success!

2. Hourly pay is the worst way to spend your time.  Company owners know this, and that’s why you get paid by the hour, because it’s cheapest for them!  The more products you put out does not make a difference because you are getting the same hourly pay as everyone else there, slower or not. Also, you are only getting paid for the time that you are at work, no residuals, no commission, and just no motivation.

3. Promotions often go to friends or family instead of the most qualified.   This is one of the most annoying parts for anyone, but I’ve seen this so many times.  The owner of the company of coarse is only looking out for himself and his family, not even the company at this point.  This is a risky move when the person put in a high position place is not set for it at all, putting your job in jeopardy. You now have to rely on this person to keep the business afloat! Very risky!

4. You’re doing the same things over and over.  You have no time to invest in yourself!  It’s important for an educated person to always be investing in themselves, learning new things and starting new projects.  With a job you are not allowed do these things.  You simply get told what to do, you may learn a little at first but from there you are going to be stuck for a while until they decide to teach you something new.  You have to be able to decide for yourself what you want to do with your time and how you can learn to make a better you in the future.  Invest in yourself not your boss.

5. It is dangerous! You can be cut off at any time!  The scariest part of all is that you’re putting your whole income in another person’s hands.  It will be them that decide if you have to eat top roman for the next month or not!  When you get laid off or fired then your entire income comes to a screeching halt, you’re not making money of anything else.  If you had made your own plan for success and carried through with it you would not be in this problem.  Laying down multiple income streams, investments and projects would have avoided this situation.  To put it simply you cannot afford to work for someone else, it is just too risky!

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