5 Best Ways To Promote Clickbank Products

success starts here freewayMy top 5 best ways to promote Clickbank products, these are the methods and strategies I have used to make money with Clickbank. If you’re asking does Clickbank still work? Yes is does I am making money using these steps and you can too. It is not that hard and all you have to do is get started somewhere. Basically any way you can think of to get people interested in products you like already. Put links out there and it will happen, not all at once but the first step to selling anything is getting started.

Think about it as your business, things don’t happen over night but if you keep at it something will stick. Be grateful these methods have very low overhead costs and some have none. You can promote Clickbank products without a website if you prefer. It is just about finding that spot where a demands has to be filled and you are there to help. Many Clickbank products don’t sell well so you will need to find one that has high demand in the first place. Look for high quality products and you will be on the right track.  Products that you have bought and liked or ones you will buy if you don’t yet have the money.

Look for high gravity products to promote on Clickbank. This comes with a downside because this means lots of people are already selling these products but also, that they do convert well.  These products with high gravity have a proven track record and also have the best landing pages out of the bunch. Some will collect emails and advertise for you, I love these.

For a list of the best converting products also see my article Best Clickbank Products To Promote

As far as affiliate marketing goes promoting Clickbank products has to be one of the easiest ways to make money at it. You really don’t need all that much traffic to get started just about getting someone interested enough to click your “buy” button.

Top 5 Best Ways To Promote Clickbank Products:

Make A Review Website On A Clickbank Product

You have to make a website for this method, I would recommend using WordPress to set it up. WordPress is simple and will help you out if you don’t want to pay for web hosting (I wouldn’t recommend it though, you wont have complete control of your site if you don’t pay for hosting.) Tell everyone what you learned from this product and how much it helped you.  Maybe a list of pros and cons so they can make an informed decision on whether it will work for them.

This by far is my number 1 recommended method for best ways to promote Clickbank products. It has worked for me and it will work for you! Once you have a website up and running with lots of traffic the work will get easier and you will continue to profit off your efforts.

It takes a little time to get traffic to these sites unless you pay for ads (which I haven’t done yet.) But there are some ways of driving free traffic to these sites like social media, forums and SEO.

I have used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic to pages like this, which is a whole other topic in itself.  But if you can rank for something (any terms related to the product) you will have traffic for a long time to come.  Look for some keywords that don’t get a ton of searches and have very little competition as far as big name websites promoting that products.  Do lots of google searches to find keywords like this, I would recommend going for anything that gets less than 1 million results at first.

You can do this many times over and find your best ways to promote Clickbank products.

Longer articles on topics seem to rank better in google so keep that in mind anything over 2000 words is best. But google isn’t everything, it just helps a lot for free traffic.

Provide useful information and promote your product along side it.

This method works great, provide information from personal experience and then provide a product link of something that helped you get to that point. How to articles work the best, it provides a ton of value and builds rapport with the audience.

Build An Email List

Start collecting emails with or without a website of people that are interested in the products you are promoting. Mailchimp is a great service for this and has a free account option. This method is great because once you have an email list you can promote different products and reach your list right away. You may have to offer something for free in order to get more subscribers to your list. A free article with lots of useful information on the topic.

MailChimp: sign up free and get $30 credit

Forum Marketing

You can use forums to send people to your affiliate links. Post useful information on the forums and have a link in your signature to your product. Or you may choose to write a review of the product on the forum itself. This is a great way to make money with Clickbank without a website. Also these forums should also have a good amount of traffic coming to them so you don’t have to spend time on that.

Some forums will not let you do this and will ban you for promoting so read the rules of the forum before you do this method.

Reddit can also net you huge amounts of traffic but you have to be very careful or your post will get taken down right away. Reddit hates self promotion.

Social Media Marketing

If you already have a strong social media following or feel like you could build one you can promote your product on any social media platform.  There are already a ton of people doing this on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest (great for any product with a mainly female audience.) You will have to judge which product to promote based on what your following is interested in. Don’t try to promote a health product with a humorous account, you likely wont get very far.

Make A Youtube Video

Don’t like writing? Make a Youtube video promoting your Clickbank product. This is a great easy method of getting Clickbank sales make one video and it will continue to promote for you forever. On top of that Youtube videos rank great on Google and you can usually get a first page ranking and this will build lots of traffic to your affiliate link. It doesn’t have to be very long just make a testimonial like the ones you see on infomercials. If your audience is convinced enough they will buy the product!

I have used all of these ways to promote Clickbank products and they will work for you. Basically if you have someone click the link that you provided if that person buys within 90 days you will get the credit and your share of the commission.

Also a product I recommend and have used to make money through Clickbank is Clickbank Passive IncomeBasically it lets you just collect emails and it will do the rest and sell the product for you while you keep the profit. By far one of the best products out there today.